Risky Business

The first day of the Rockin’ 80s and everyone looked amazing.

Best update was literally everyone. All completely different looks that were perfect for the 80s revival.

Saturday’s People’s Choice goes to April and her fanny pack!

Chelsey – Top: Garage, Denim Jacket: Garage, Jeans: Garage, Sneakers: Toms
Monica – Top: Crossroads, Denim Jacket: Levis, Jeans: Old Navy, Sneakers: Converse
April – Tee: Cottonon, Button Down: Her Dad, Leggings: Garage, Socks: PDX Carpet, Sneakers: Converse
Kristen – Bodysuit: Garage, Denim Jacket: Gap, Jeans: Garage, Sandals: JustFab
Jena – Top: Garage, Denim Jacket: American Eagle, Jeans: Garage, Scarf: Garage, Sneakers: Keds, Socks: Garage
Lauren – Hoodie: Garage, Denim Jacket: Garage, Leggings: Garage, Sneakers: Converse

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