Best Georgia Peach Outfits + Summary

Look of the Week: Monica


Why: Practicing how to be girly without being too fancy.

Strengths: Diversity. Not only did everyone do something different, but we stepped out of our comfort zones as well. Look how fashionable you all were! Keep this up.

Weaknesses: Probably arguing about the theme definitions or timing or ideas. I make them up to go along with current fashion, and the idea is that we look similar to sell a specific look every week. I put time into this and go to lengths to research it all, so when someone tells me they disagree with it, it’s super annoying, not to mention disrespectful. I don’t care where you’ve been or what you’ve seen, unless you’re constantly on the lookout for new or trendy fashion (you aren’t) I don’t want to hear an opinion. I’m not the encyclopedia of fashion, but I think at this point we can all agree that I’ve got this under control.


1st – Chelsey: 16 / 5
2nd – Vanessa: 13 / 1
3rd – Adriana: 12 / 4
Jena: 12 / 2
Monica: 11 / 3
Kristen: 11 / 0
April: 8 / 3
Nicole: 6 / 0
Tatum: 5 / 2
Lauren: 0 / 5

Who can win June? Lots more points left to win.
Chelsey’s points are frozen since she’s on vacation, who’s going to bump her out?


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