Southern Wednesday

This one was super tough, which is exactly what I want. The prettiest outfit was Ana, who belted her kimono around a casual pink top and lacy shorts.

Wednesday’s People’s Choice goes to Adriana!

Extra GRG point – Jena

Outfit Suggestions: For Jena, this time the Birks were perfect and completed the outfit in a way they didn’t on Sunday. For Vanessa, I actually think jeans would have made her outfit killer. For Kristen, I would like to see more of her other overpieces. The denim jacket served this outfit well, but I need more variety. And for April, who didn’t get her picture taken and sent a selfie, maybe shoes…. 😉

Adriana – Top: Old Navy, Kimono: Fred Meyer, Shorts: Forever 21, Sandals: Her Grandma
Kristen – Bodysuit: Garage, Shorts: Garage, Denim Jacket: Gap, Sandals: JustFab
Jena – Bandeau: Garage, Tank: Garage, Kimono: Garage, Jeans: Garage, Sandals: Birkenstock
Vanessa – Top: Garage, Cardigan: Garage, Shorts: Garage, Boots: Cathy Jean
April – Romper: Garage, Cardigan: Garage

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