Southern Tuesday

Prettiest outfit was Kristen in a floral romper.

Tuesday’s People’s Choice goes to Chelsey.

Extra GRG point – Chelsey

Outfit Suggestions: So for this day, Chelsey was ineligible to win the theme point. Her outfit was Southern, yes, but we got our wires crossed somehow and she didn’t realize the theme was basically Southern Belle and we were going for pretty outfits. If the theme had just been “The South” then it would have worked. I don’t have a suggestion for her, her outfit was cute and well thought out. I just want everyone to make sure you read how to win the theme point, because that should be how you go about making your outfits. This week, the daily winner has the prettiest outfit. Didn’t need to be fancy, just pretty and girly.

Kristen – Romper: Garage, Denim Jacket: Gap, Sandals: JustFab
Jena – Tee: Forever 21, Bralette: Aerie, Jeans: Garage, Sandals: Birkenstock
Chelsey – Tank: Garage, Overalls: Garage, Flannel: Old Navy (W/ custom monogram) Sneakers: Toms
Lauren – Top: Garage, Denim Jacket: Garage, Skirt: Garage, Sandals: Forever 21

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