Southern Thursday

Prettiest outfit was Monica in a chartreuse-mustard tank and large print floral kimono.

Thursday’s People’s Choice goes to Tatum!

Extra GRG point – Vanessa

Outfit Suggestions: For Tatum, an additional piece would be tricky. I would say…. to make it different, instead of the belt, a lightweight scarf tied at the waist seam would have been cute. A denim vest as an overpiece to show off the sleeves (and not be too hot) would be another suggestion. The only reason Tatum didn’t win today is because it’s an outfit we’ve seen recently, although it still fit both themes she wore it for perfectly. Just a little shake up would have secured the win.

Monica – Top: Garage, Kimono: Nordstrom Rack, Jeans: Old Navy, Sandals: Payless
Vanessa – Top: Garage, Kimono: Garage, Shorts: Garage, Sandals: Journey’s
Tatum – Dress: Charlotte Russe, Wedges: Target
Lauren – Top: Garage, Shorts: Garage, Sandals: Saltwater Sandals

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