Best Sporty Suburban Outfits + Summary

Everyone’s best Sporty Suburban outfits.

Look of the Week: Chelsey.


Why: Sporty casual is just another look we should know how to create. It is very middle America, even though we catch glimpses of it over here (puffy vests….. unfortunate) because it’s good for running errands. The key is to create a relatively basic outfit, and add one piece that’s considered “sporty.”

Accomplishments: We dealt with horribly timed cold and rainy weather. Maybe it made it easier to wear leggings and jeans. The outfits were cute regardless of the weather, even if they did look more Spring or Fall than Summer.

Improvements: Staying fashionable. We need to work on keeping the outfits trendy and fashion forward. If you have to create an outdated, rushed, or sloppy look to fit the theme, take a step back and think outside of the box. Try something new. Google outfits to emulate.


Vanessa: 10 / 1
Chelsey: 9 / 3
Adriana: 8 / 3
Jena: 8 / 1
April: 6 / 3
Monica: 6 / 2
Kristen: 4 / 0
Tatum: 3 / 1
Nicole: 3 / 0
Lauren: 0 / 2


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