Sporty Wednesday

Cutest sporty outfit was Safari Ana.

Wednesday’s People’s Choice goes to Adriana!

Extra GRG point – Jena

Outfit Suggestions: Jena looked super comfy, but was more casual than sporty. A swap-out could have been Converse for Birks, and no jacket (even though it was a lil chilly.) Chelsey’s look might have been sportier without the scarf… The dress was a little too  girly itself. I respect the decision to expand the shoe variety, but the Clarks weren’t enough this time around.

Adriana – Tee: Garage, Jeans: American Eagle, Sneakers: Nike, Hat: Obey
Jena – Tee: Garage, Plaid: Garage, Leggings: Garage, Jacket: Garage, Sandals: Birkenstock
Chelsey – Dress: Urban Outfitters, Scarf: Garage, Sneakers: Clarks
Lauren – Tee: Garage, Flannel: Garage, Shorts: Forever 21, Sandals: Steve Madden, Hat: Garage

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