Upper East Coasters Best Looks & Summary

Look of the week: Adriana

The most popular colors when we thought of dressing nicely were
olive green, navy blue, and black. Very interesting.


Why: Dressing nicer also means dressing older. We were practicing how to create looks for the shoppers who wouldn’t necessarily shop with us otherwise. East Coast fashion is more fashion-forward than we’re used to, but not everyone on the West Coast is dragging behind.

Accomplishments: Lots of nice looks. I was really impressed with some of the outfits you guys put together. This was a difficult week, especially in contrast to the image the store puts out.

Improvements: Some of you played it too safe instead of going edgy. I understand that it was because it was difficult to put together an outfit so different from what you usually wear, or because there’s always an edgy line to cross and you were unsure. We won’t be doing an edgy week again, or an older week, so you don’t have to worry about how to do it again, but it’s a good thing to learn.

We’re keeping the outfit suggestion ideas in the daily update, like what could be added, taken away, or worn instead to make your outfits the best they could be. Instead of singling one person out, however, something will be mentioned for everyone.


Chelsey: 4 / 2
April: 3 / 2
Adriana: 3 / 1
Monica: 3 / 1
Tatum: 2 / 1
Nicole: 2 / 0
Vanessa: 2 / 0
Jena: 1 / 0
Kristen: 0 / 0
Lauren: 0 / 1


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