Wednesday’s Looks

Most fashionable outfit today was Adriana. She said it was her New York Nanny look, in a kimono, an insanely expensive tank top, straight leg jeans with sandals. Functional and cute.

Wednesday’s People’s Choice goes to April!

April looked ready for a lunch date in NYC, Chelsey went for beachy casual in a mint grey romper, and Lauren took casual up a notch with a strappy bralette underneath a laced up tee.

Playing it too safe: Nobody. Everyone made clear fashion decisions today.

Extra GRG point for April & Chelsey!

Adriana – Tank: Theory, Kimono: Fred Meyer, Jeans: Garage, Sandals: Cancun, Backpack: Garage
April – Bodysuit: Garage, Kimono: Forever 21, Jeans: Garage, Booties: Fred Meyer
Chelsey – Romper: Garage, Button Down: Garage, Flats: Toms
Lauren – Tee: Garage, Bralette: Urban Outfitters, Shorts: Garage, Sandals: Salt Water Sandals

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