Tuesday’s Looks

Most fashionable outfit today was Tatum. The long cardigan with beachy wedges was a good New Jersey vacation look.

Tuesday’s People’s Choice goes to Tatum!

Jena looked ready to go to a book shop in NYC and Vanessa looked ultra Connecticut preppy in a blazer and skirt.

Vanessa wasn’t wearing any Garage today, though……

Playing it too safe: Chelsey. The outfit was cute, I actually like it a lot. But it’s West Coast, and basic. The East Coast girl is not basic. The sneakers make the already casual outfit just too casual. She needs 2 pieces to make it East Coast and edgy – booties & overpiece. Her studded denim vest would have been perfect. The East Coast girl is the bad girl of fashion – don’t lose sight of that. You don’t have to be inappropriate, just Extra.

Tatum – Top: JCPenney, Cardigan: Wet Seal, Jeans: Garage, Wedges: Target, Choker: Garage
Jena – Top: Garage, Cardigan: Garage, Jeans: American Eagle, Sandals: Birkenstock
Vanessa – Top: Old Navy, Blazer: Old Navy, Skirt: Old Navy, Wedges: JCPenney
Chelsey – Tee: Garage, Dress: Garage, Sneakers: Converse

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