Monday’s Looks

Most fashionable outfit was Adriana. Her look was urban NYC, the pattern of her top was different from what we normally see.

Monday’s People’s Choice goes to Adriana!

Vanessa was casual hipster in her hat and boots and Lauren was 80s hippie with the belted robe.

Playing it too safe: Chelsey. Her look was East coast, for sure, but not edgy. A swap out to make it more “bad girl” would be a black skater skirt in place of jeans.

Adriana – Top: Paisley & Ivy, Denim Vest: Cherokee, Jeans: Garage, Wedges: Toms
Vanessa – Top: Garage, Shorts: Garage, Booties: Kohls, Socks: Garage, Hat: Garage
Chelsey – Top: Garage, Cardigan: Garage, Jeans: Garage, Boots: Coach
Lauren – Dress: Garage, Velvet Robe: Chelsea28, Socks: Topshop, Sneakers: Vans

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