Sunday’s Looks

Sunday’s most fashionable outfit was April. Like Monica before her, her outfit worked for day and night. The colored jeans work for a casual shopping day, but the booties and cardigan make it acceptable for dinner.

Sunday’s People’s Choice goes to April!

Much improvement today – Chelsey went for New England casual and it worked.
The most DARING outfit today was Vanessa wearing her pirate boots with a romper.

And playing it too safe? Jena. Jena fell into the too safe category today by wearing an outfit similar to looks she’s done before. Nothing wrong with outfit repeating, especially when it’s a cute outfit, but it wasn’t a daring look for her. An edgy vibe could have come from a denim jacket in place of the cream cardigan.

April – Bodysuit: Garage, Cardigan: Kohl’s, Jeans: Pacsun, Booties: Maurice’s
Chelsey – Top: Garage, Bralette: Aerie, Leggings: Garage, Flats: Clarks
Jena – Top: Garage, Cardigan: Garage, Jeans: American Eagle, Booties: American Eagle
Vanessa – Romper: Garage, Tee: Old Navy, Cardigan: Garage, Boots: Kohl’s

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