Best Totally 90s Outfits & Summary

Everyone’s cutest 90s outfit – things you would envy on someone else.

Look of the Week: Monica


Why: A classic spin on current fashion. Brings the month up to speed so we were wearing current trends.

Accomplishments: Cute outfits. Again, we’ve improved our fashion sense. A year ago, we were wearing leggings with tee shirts every day and we looked sloppy and tired. Those outfits weren’t inspirational, we were wearing what the customers wore but less glamorous. We’re not those people anymore, and that is good.

Improvements: Variety. Don’t let the themes trap you in a corner, and don’t try to mirror what the others are wearing. There’s no wrong answer with these, just varying effort. Try to look different every shift, branch out from your normal day-to-day style, take a risk. I do. I receive a compliment by a customer almost every day I work. Do you? That’s your goal for June.

Final Points

Theme Winner – Monica: 17 / 6
Chelsey: 13 / 5
Adriana: 12 / 3
Vanessa: 10 / 2
April: 9 / 4
Jena: 9 / 2
Kristen: 9 / 1
Tatum: 6 / 1
Nicole: 5 / 1
People’s Choice Winner – Lauren: 11


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