Rockin’ 80s Best Outfits & Summary

Everyone’s cutest 80s outfits.
Look of the Week: Monica.


Why: Learning how to utilize colors and different cuts, like off shoulder. 80s fashion is coming back again, in a different way than scrunchies and leg warmers. We’re looking at ruffles and juliette tops. Tight fitting tops and super high waists. Straight leg jeans (!!!!!!) are back in style, in a relaxed fit. We’ll need to know how to recreate these looks.

Accomplishments: Some super cute outfits. Some stiff competition for cutest outfit daily.

Improvements: There was definitely room for improvement this week. 2 things: The first being that a lot of the outfits didn’t fit into the 80s theme. Which ties into the second thing – we were lazy this week. Don’t let the heat kill your style. Dress for the weather, but please, give me some more effort.


Monica: 15 T / 5 PC
Adriana: 10 T / 2 PC
Chelsey: 8 T / 3 PC
Kristen: 8 T / 1 PC
Vanessa: 8 T / 1 PC
April: 7 T / 4 PC
Jena: 7 T / 2 PC
Nicole: 5 T / 1 PC
Tatum: 5 T / 1 PC
Lauren: 8 PC

Monica is still in the lead for Theme, with Adriana in second.
Lauren is winning the People’s Choice, with Monica in second.


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