Far Out Seventies Best Outfits + Summary

Everyone’s most INSPIRATIONAL 70s look.

Look of the week: Monica


Why: To showcase festival fashion. Coachella may be over, but fair season starts next month. The Disco element is older than the Rock Hippie was, the older crowd goes for it now. It’s considered Modern Fashion, but not ‘Mod’. Rock Hippie is outside, Disco is inside.

Accomplishments: Wearing more things from the brand, and styling has improved. I’m sending out progress reports this weekend showing everyone their looks from when we first started cataloging all the way to the 70s week.

Improvements: Or as the company says “Opportunities.” A struggle this week was actually looking 70s. It’s easier in the sense that more of this fashion is popular today, but harder still because it’s easy to lose sight of the essential starting point. Next week, I want the look to be obvious, but not obnoxious.
You should look like you’re pulling from the 80s, but not look like you’re going to an 80s costume party.


Monica: 10 T / 2 PC
Adriana: 7 T / 1 PC
Kristen: 7 T / 1 PC
Vanessa: 7 T / 1 PC
April: 5 T / 3 PC
Chelsey: 5 T / 3 PC
Jena: 5 T / 2 PC
Nicole: 5 T / 1 PC
Tatum: 4 T / 1 PC
Lauren: 6 PC

Monica is in the lead for themes, with Ana, Kristen, & Vanessa in 2nd.
Lauren is winning People’s Choice, with April Chelsey in 2nd.



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