Groovy Sixties Summary

Why: Continuing our exploration of past decades as new trends, the 60s was easier than the 50s. Prints and kimonos are super trendy right now, the hippie look is now ‘boho’, and we’re more familiar with it as a trend than as a costume. Mod has more facets to it so now it’s either preppy, hipster, or dated.

Accomplishments: Sticking to it. Some of you got really into it, and made some very different outfits than you would normally wear. I liked it. It was stepping out of the box and it worked.

Improvements: Being lazy about it. I want everyone to put in effort, everyone should be trying to win BOTH the Daily point and the Choice point. You know what it takes, so apply yourself.

Points: In order highest to lowest by theme:

Monica – 6 theme, 1 PCA
Adriana – 4 theme, 1 PCA
Kristen – 4 theme, 0 PCA
Chelsey – 3 theme, 3 PCA
April – 3 theme, 3 PCA
Jena – 3 theme, 1 PCA
Vanessa – 3 theme, 0 PCA
Nicole – 2 theme, 1 PCA
Tatum – 2 theme, 0 PCA
Lauren – N/A theme, 4 PCA

Who will knock Monica out of first place next week?



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