Best Groovy Outfits

These are my favorite outfits from everyone this week. (Except for Tatum’s, because I didn’t get a picture of my favorite one.)

And here’s why: (in order of the images)

Look of the Week 1: Monica. Honestly looked like an outfit you would see on stage at Woodstock.

Look of the Week 2: Adriana. And this one 100% looked like a festival goer. The fringe top and denim vest? Probably the most spot-on hippie outfit anyone did.

Kristen: Bell sleeves and suede boots. The rich hippie.

Jena: You can’t really tell but that is a double ruffle tank top. The outfit was ultra casual with a little bit of detailing. The lazy hippie. (Lazy as in not fussy.)

Chelsey: Gave this look two shots. I will never let it go. I liked this one because it was girlier.

Vanessa: This look was interesting because it didn’t fall into a mod or hippie category too obviously, but I immediately thought of the Beatles when I saw it.

Tatum: The look pictured is not the one I want to talk about. Tatum killed her other outfit. Wedges with jeans and a buttoned up flannel. It was the best look Tatum’s done so far and I want to see more of it.

April: I liked this one honestly because it mixed mod and hippie together. Hippie with the print but mod with the shape. It didn’t look too 60s, but it took the ideas and made them work for today. That’s a good update.

Lauren: Should I explain my own favorite outfit? I chose this as my favorite because it looked the most put together, the cleanest.

These are the outfits you wore that would have made me select “yes” as outfits that inspired me.


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