Nifty Fifties Summary

This week, we updated popular outfits from the 50s.

Our main difficulty was with how to make outfits that really said “1950s.” A lot of them had the right elements, but didn’t work together, which is fine. This is a learning experience. Nobody looked bad, but only a few actually stuck to the 50s.

This month will be different when it comes to how winners are selected. As you probably noticed, there was a different winner every day. I chose the theme winners based on who did the 50s the best. Was it always the cutest or trendiest outfit? No. And that’s where the People’s Choice vote comes in.

I want you guys to be completely honest with your votes. Your favorite outfit does not have to be the best theme outfit, it is literally the outfit you find the most appealing. You guys are voting for the cutest outfit. The prize is entirely separate from the theme winner. You can vote for yourself, you can vote for someone you hate, you can vote for me. Do not let me sway your vote, and do not let the others sway your vote. You’re not going to hurt anyone’s feelings if you don’t vote for them.

May Points

One point awarded per person for personal participation, none for group participation.

Vanessa – 2 theme, 0 PCA

Chelsey – 2 theme, 3 PCA

Kristen – 2 theme, 0 PCA

Adriana – 2 theme, 0 PCA

April – 1 theme, 2 PCA

Jena – 2 theme, 1 PCA

Monica – 2 theme, 0 PCA

Nicole – 2 theme, 1 PCA

Tatum – 0 theme, 0 PCA


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