Week 17: Nifty Fifties

Nifity Fifties

May Music Month

May is the month of music. Music & fashion go hand in hand.

Each week will have an accompanying 10-15 song playlist for inspiration.

People consider decades in trends as starting in the first year of the decade, but in actuality, trends change midway through. Popular music and popular fashion face transitions in the year of 5. We’re going to be doing this in regular decades, 0-9.

For this reason, most of the decades this month will feature at least two separate types of fashion. To be definitive: 50s fashion was really 55 – 65. 60s fashion lasted 65 – 75. And so on. Expanding and evolving every decade to incorporate more and more types of music, ending in more and more styles of fashion.

For reference, right now, we are in year two of our ten year trend. Fashion is dependent on vintage looks and graphics, and music borrows heavily from the 90s. This is the nostalgia decade. We will not be doing the 2000’s, or 2010’s.

Use the music to help you plan your outfits.


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