Back to the Future Summary

This week we had 7 mini-themes. Here’s a brief summary of each and how they’ll help you.

Saturday: Half tucked button downs. It’s just another way to wear something everyone has at least one of. A quick fashion refresh.

Sunday: Shirts over dresses. A great way to get 2 items out of a dress sale. It’s not too weird, and it usually ends up looking cute.

Monday: Unnecessary layers. Third or fourth pieces don’t need to be in an outfit, but add something to it to make it interesting. Less boring.

Tuesday: Layered shorts. Want to wear shorts in cold weather? Tights. Want to spruce them up? Another pairs of shorts peeking out underneath.

Wednesday: Mixed patterns. Easy outfit update. Super trendy, keeps you from looking basic.

Thursday: Unconventional accessory usage. Using accessories in ways you wouldn’t usually is a) a conversation starter and b) another new outfit.

Friday: Skirts over dresses / Jeans under dresses. New ways to wear dresses. Put a skirt over it to turn the dress into a top, pop jeans underneath for ultra casual looks.

Trying new things is the only way you’ll improve your fashion game. That’s what the entire idea of the themes is about. You did a good job this week, keep it up.

The points finished with:

Kristen with 13.

Chelsey with 12.

Vanessa & Monica with 11.

Jena with 10.

April with 7.

Adriana with 6.

Tatum with 5.

Nicole with 3.


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