Back to the Future Monday

4/4 participation

Trend: Unnecessary layers.

Most imaginative outfit was a 3-way tie.

Chelsey had the trendiest outfit, one that girls would emulate now. Tatum’s outfit was more dystopian, she embraced the futuristic aspect of this week. And Adriana took the daily trend for what it was: layers on layers, even adding socks. Kristen’s outfit was still trendy and cute, but needed one more layer for the tie to be 4-way.

Chelsey – Tank: Garage, Bralette: Pink, Denim Jacket: Garage, Jeans: Garage, Sneakers: Converse, Hat: Portland Gear
Tatum – Top: Garage, Cardigan: JCPenney, Jeans: Garage, Sneakers: Converse
Adriana – Bralette: Aerie, Tee: Forever 21, Flannel: Garage, Cardigan: Unknown, Jeans: American Eagle, Socks: Nike, Sneakers: Vans
Kristen – Dress: Garage, Flannel: Target, Sneakers: Vans

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