Flashback Challenge Summary

This week’s theme was really supposed to be more fun than anything else. There were almost no restrictions, no regulations. Just to dress like you would have 10 years ago.

Fashion-wise, I would say we missed the mark on authenticity, but 2007 was a horrific time in fashion, so I’m ok with it. The adaptations were really the best part. Kristen especially stood out making it work for her… Her first two looks were the best of the week.

But, as for the winner, I said it would be selected on authenticity, and so here we go. The winner this week was not only the most authentically 2007, but the most consistently 2007. Every shift she came to, she was 100% committed to it. She brought in 3 looks looking fresh out of a time machine, which makes sense, because she would remember 2007 the best. Congratulations Vanessa, you’ve gained 5 points this week.

Points After Week 3

Vanessa – 11

Chelsey – 9

Kristen – 10

Adriana – 4

April – 6

Jena – 8

Monica – 8

Nicole – 3

Tatum – 4

***100% participation Bonus Point!!***

A 20 Point April win has failed….. But the prize will reset for May.

Who will win the special prize?


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