Easter Party Summary

This week’s Easter Party theme was a little complicated in writing. We were doing light and dark looks you could wear to an Easter Party. We had 8/10 girls participate every shift, so no bonus group point. But we’ll get ’em next week.

The idea this week is self explanatory. You were creating outfits that were appropriate for an Easter party ranging from casual to fancy, escalating as the week went on. Dark and light to give it contrast. It was a major success. I’m really proud of how seamlessly we transformed the look.

What We Did Well: Actually, I would say we did layering the best this week. Since I required dark and light pieces, most of the outfits incorporate an extra piece. And they weren’t just thrown on, they looked nicely thought out. More of this plz.

What We Struggled With: Wearing the same thing (I’m looking at you, green cold shoulder dress). All 3 outfits featuring the piece were styled with different overpieces and were on different body types, proof that anyone can wear our clothes. I can’t stop us from wearing the same clothes, but in the future, I would like to see larger differences in the way we style them. If you see someone wearing a piece you are planning on wearing in the same theme week, style it differently.

April Points, Week 2

This week, the points became the most diverse they have EVER been.

This is a very tight race.

V – 4

C – 7

K – 8

A – 2

AP – 4

J – 6

M – 6

N – 1

T – 2

There are 14 points left to be won, excluding the bonus points you win for your own 100% participation.


But the regular prize is still anyone’s game.


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