Fresh Prince of Bel Air Summary

This week was obvious – we were making outfits based on patterns. A lot of people don’t know how you can style paisley, or polka dots, or stripes. Now you can show them. This was also a good week to show how you can refresh your old flannels. Plaid and stripes look really good together.

A common theme this week that I want to mention is the color black. Everyone’s best outfit had black in it. But it looked good. If we keep using black this way, it will stop being something that’s mentioned as an issue.

What we did well: Styling overall. Everyone had good outfits every day. The way the patterns were styled were all trendy, nothing was too basic. V even whipped out an older piece that she styled with a wide belt and crop leggings – bringing some throwback trends.


What we struggled with: Straying from STRIPES. I know that’s the pattern everyone has the most of, but I would have liked to see a little more variety in styling the stripes. Show me something different. Shout out to J for having my favorite striped outfit with the fat black and white stripes.

Points so far:

V – 1

C – 1

K – 3

A – 1

AP – 1

J – 3

M – 3

N – 1

T – 1

Everyone received a bonus point for 100% participation.

There are 23 more points to be won if there’s 100% participation for the rest of the month. Don’t forget the person who wins the month with 20 points gets a special prize. Bring your A-game this next week.


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