MTV Spring Break Summary

The name of this week was a joke, I understand it went over a few heads, especially since the theme itself had nothing to do with the name. But this week we did basic.

The idea behind this was to appeal to our lowest denominator customers – the young ones with no money. They can only afford clearance, or regular price things that are cheap. And, for the most part, super cheap things are basic. The winner was selected for the most relaxed look, and by relaxed I didn’t mean the person who looks the most lounge, I meant the easiest to emulate. Something you can throw on and go. The most casual with the least frills.

What we did well: Participation. Everyone participated every shift. I want to see more of this, and less excuses on why we didn’t even try. Look at your closet, put outfits together based on what you have, put in the effort, become eligible to win. It’s that easy. Remember everyone gets a bonus point each week for 100% participation.

What we struggled with: Staying basic. After 11 weeks of being told to stop being basic, you have all learned. But you learned so well that when it came time to actually be basic, our outfits were too trendy. I want to say this isn’t a problem, but don’t forget what basic really is…. Simple outfits simplified. There are people out there who want to look like that.

March Ending Points

V – 13

C – 7

K – 5

A – 8

J – 8

**M – 14**

N – 8

T – 4

Congratulations to M for winning March.

And congratulations to V, C, A, J, M, & N who won an EXTRA bonus point for participating every day they worked for the entire month!

April Challenge

Win the month with 20 points for a special prize.

There are 30 points available.



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