Floral Pastel Summary

This week we did florals and pastels for the first week of Spring. This is probably not the last pastel week of the year, but it is definitely the last floral week. There’s only so much you can do with florals. So this was our one-and-done.

The exercise this week was to make our outfits less drab, hence the “happiest outfit.” I chose the winners by whoever’s outfit made me feel the best just by looking at it. We weren’t completely basic this time around, N even wore a romper with jeans on Friday, so I’m happy with it overall.

What we did well: Showcasing the theme. The pastels and florals were obvious, but not obnoxious. That’s good. Every outfit also encapsulated a completely different “look” and that is also good. Ideally, that’s what would happen every week.

What we struggled with: Detailing. Some of the 3rd pieces and jewelry were overpowering for the outfits they were paired with. Next week, I want everyone to focus on keeping the layers light. Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback.

Points as of today. 8 more points to earn for March.

V – 7

C – 4

K – 1

A – 5

J – 5

M – 11

N – 4

T – 2


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