Pinch of Green Summary

This was probably our best week. As it turns out, we’re really good at green. It’s a really easy one to style. You can find a shade of green that looks good on everybody, and it isn’t obnoxious OR season regulated like most other colors.

What we did well: Styling. The outfits from this week were some of the best we’ve put together since we launched the blog, across the board. The best thing was that we were able to use the theme with our personal style. I admit that nobody really stepped out of their comfort zone, but everyone stepped UP their fashion game.

What we struggled with: Being out of the box. Everyone should be following C’s example. She looks at the theme, and thinks about fashion, and puts her outfits together in ways that she never would have otherwise. She doesn’t take the easy way out. And her goal every time is to sell her look to someone. From now on, I want to see more of us stepping out of the box. Leave your comfort zone. No one will judge you. At least once a week, take a REAL fashion risk. Ask questions. Seek feedback. That’s all.

Points as of today:

V – 6

C – 4

K – 0

A – 2

J – 4

M – 7

N – 2

T – 2


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