Monochrome Summary

This week our goal was to learn how to style a specific trend. I bent the rules of the real trend a lot to accommodate us, since we’re not actually rich fashion bloggers. Monochromatic outfits are 100% solids, no prints. They are outfits in multiple shades of the same color, or multiple pieces in the exact same shade. Shoes usually included.

Our biggest struggle this week was understanding the difference between outfits that match and outfits that are monochromatic. I don’t believe I need to elaborate here.

The 6 out of 8 that participated this week did a really wonderful job putting in the effort for this one. We’ve been banning black outfits for a multitude of reasons, the first being that all black outfits tend to look the same. Our job is to show variety, but there is no variety if we wear the same thing every day. It’s also super lazy. But most importantly, the company we work for is somewhat demanding that we stop wearing all black. It’s not a look teenagers are into, and those are the people we need to sell to. **Not saying no black at all, just saying dial it back.**

This week ends with V in the lead. Bonus 100% participation points awarded to V, C, L, J, M, & T.

V – 5 points

C – 2

K – 0

L – 1

A – N/A

J – 2

M – 3

N – 0

T – 1


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