Saturday’s Monochrome

382 – 3/4 participation (one not pictured)

Today’s most appealing outfit was 399’s A. Even though her jeans were black, she put 3 burgundy pieces on top. 382’s top outfit was M, who put a camo pattern into her fit. Shout out to M & C for wearing literally the exact same outfit in completely different states, and to everyone for rocking Converse.


A – Hoodie: Garage, Bomber: Garage, Flannel: Garage, Jeans: Garage, Sneakers: Converse
C – Bodysuit: Abercrombie & Fitch, Jacket: Pacsun, Joggers: Pacsun, Sneakers: Converse
M – Cami: Garage, Jacket: Garage, Joggers: Forever 21, Sneakers: Converse
V – Cami: Garage, Tank: Garage, Denim jacket: Garage, Jeans: Garage, Sneakers: Garage

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