Friday’s Country Festival

2/5 participation

Today’s best use of denim was V. The denim vest with the dress and statement necklace were a good fit for a country restaurant.399 won the point with all 3 of its participants showing up wearing the exact same pair of overalls. R looked the most authentic.


V – Dress: Garage, Vest: Kohl’s, Soks: Garage, Boots: Cathy Jean, Necklace: Garage
J – Top: Garage, Cardigan: Garage, Jeans: American Eagle, Booties: American Eagle



R – Hat: Cabelos, Sweater: Garage, Overalls: Garage, Flannel: Garage, Sandals: Payless

A – Top: Garage, Overalls: Garage, Bomber: Garage, Sneakers: Cathy Jean
C – Cami: Garage, Overalls: Garage, Denim jacket: Garage, Flannel: Garage, Sandals: Steve Madden

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