Country Festival Summary

This week was our festival look. Super casual, outdoorsy, denim. It was to teach us how to dress the rural customer, but also a good look into how to wear our own denim without doing simply sneakers and tees. Did you notice how different our outfits were this week from normal? We’re learning.

We did a really good job doing the country look without being all flannels and ripped jeans, but toward the end of the week, I noticed us running out of ideas so we fell back onto them. Participation also dwindled mid-week with a depressing finale. I understand that sometimes it’s hard, or you don’t think you have time to put together a look, or you find the rules too constricting, but when you’re dealing with a customer looking for something specific, it’s these ideas that will help you. Don’t forget that you work as a salesperson….. in fashion.

Our biggest struggle this week was absolutely participation. It’s not a requirement, but it is appreciated, and it reflects positively on our team. I’ve noticed that the ones who are not participating fully are reacting negatively to the idea due to a personal struggle in creating outfits. The negativity is noticed by the entire team, and impacts the dynamic. We all have opportunities to create the outfit, we just have to put in the effort. That’s all it takes. Just effort. There is no shame in failure – if the outfit doesn’t work, it helps us do better next time. We’ve got to stop wearing the exact same thing every day.

From now on, anyone participating every shift will receive an extra point at the end of the week.


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