Friday / Punk

4/4 participation

Today’s winner, who had the most punk outfit, was N! She paid attention to the mood board, and wore a different kind of trendy outfit, and it worked.


img_8289N is wearing a NY Mets baseball jersey with a shirt underneath, Garage mom jeans, white socks, Nikes, and a Chance the Rapper hat.

img_8290K is wearing a white Garage tee shirt with black distressed jeans, a leather jacket form Old Navy, and white Vans Authentics. Choker from Garage.

img_8293L is wearing a Sailor Soldiers Motorcycle Club tee shirt with black Garage jeans and a red and black flannel at her waist, black glitter socks from Garage, black Converse, a black H&M hoodie, and a vintage Jones New York light wash denim jacket with DIY patches.

img_8292M is wearing a black Garage choker tee and green flannel at her waist, with back shorts from Forever 21 and spiderweb tights from Hot Topic, and a Levi’s acid wash denim jacket. Black cut out buckle flats from ASOS.


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