Monday / Post-Hardcore

4/4 participation

Today’s winner, who had the best Post-Hardcore outfit, was T. She dressed up the normal casual look by wearing a dress, the leather jacket and dark colors took it from Pop Punk to Post-Hardcore, and it was also just really cute.


img_8113T listened to Pierce the Veil’s ‘Bulletproof Love’, and is wearing a black H&M t-shirt dress with a red Fred Meyer flannel at her waist, an Express leather jacket, and JCPenney wedge sneakers.

img_8116VA listened to Pierce the Veil’s ‘Floral and Fading’ and chose a green pocket tee, a black cardigan, and grey distressed jeans, all from Garage, with black Kohl’s booties. Black beanie not pictured.

img_8118L listened to Isles & Glaciers ‘Empty Sighs and Wine’ and wore a UFO baseball tee, a purple and white flannel at her waist, a light wash fray crop denim vest, and black shiny leggings, all from Garage, with black and white checked slip on Vans Authentics. Heart choker from Wet Seal, black beanie not pictured.

img_8117J listened to Bring Me the Horizon’s ‘Go to Hell, For Heaven’s Sake’ and selected a grey and purple baseball tee from Garage, with a distressed denim vest and black jeans from American Eagle, and black slip on Vans Authentics. Choker from Garage.


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