50 Shades of Red Summary

This last week you’ll notice every post noted a type of date the winner’s outfit would look best at. There were daily themes that were types of dates that were taken into consideration when choosing the winners. Nobody was told beforehand what the dates were so the outfits were relaxed and casual.

This was the week of Valentine’s Day so the point of wearing pinks and reds was to show ideas for dates. Every girl is interested in wearing even the tiniest hint of red to a Valentine’s date, whether it’s a breakfast date or a movie date. We all do it, or think about doing it. This week, you put yourself in those outfits. Even if your first thought wasn’t about date attire, you still planned out outfits every day that would work for one.

The biggest challenge this week was figuring out how to not wear black. As you saw, it was easily replaced with dark blue. I want to see more of this. Add more color into your wardrobe. Wear the colors you already own. After next week’s theme, I never want to see an all black outfit.

The ban on black was because a.) It’s not a very casual color for romance and b.) Next week’s theme. Stay tuned for info.


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