Saturday’s Shades of Red

5/5 participation

Every outfit was really good today, it was hard to choose a winner.

Today’s best use of color per style was M. Her outfit matched her personality, the colors coordinated well, and it was the trendiest of the day. It was a good first date look.

img_7962J is wearing a white tee shirt with a pink floral button down and dark blue girlfriend jeans, all from Garage, with white Keds.

img_7963C is wearing a grey Abercrombie bodysuit under a melon vest from Dynamite, with Garage ankle jeans and brown Steve Madden sandals.

img_7969L is wearing a white cami and medium blue mom jeans from Garage, with a tied vintage Sears pink pajama top, and black ballet flats from Aldo. Pink scrunchie from Garage.

img_7967VA is wearing a white lace cami from Kohl’s with a red and white floral skirt from Gap with a Garage denim jacket and Garage knee socks, with Cathy Jean boots. Detailed with a pendant necklace.

img_7966M is wearing a pink cami crop top from Topshop with grey H&M soft pants, a vintage Guess denim jacket, and white Converse. Detailed with a pink choker and a drop chain necklace.


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