Rap Concert Summary

This week’s theme revolved around a casual look dependent on sneakers. What you wore this week translates into what a teenage girl might wear to school. The different artists selected were a direct reflection of all the different types of teenage girls. Kanye was the girl who’s into looser fitting tops, tight pants, graphics, etc. TLC was the girl who’s into the baggier, relaxed look. Missy Elliott was the girl who’s edgy while remaining comfortable. Drake is the girl who’s into a flirty, girly style. 2 Chainz was the girl who likes statement pieces. Three 6 Mafia was the skater girl. And Nicki Minaj was the older, more confident girl. We did a good job this week showing the different ways these girls might dress based on our own preferences and limits. VA’s Drake outfit was exactly what a normal 16 year old girl would wear to see him, and J emulated 2 Chainz himself with her cardigan.

The hardest part for us this week was creating looks using sneakers, because we wanted to style the outfit with dressier shoes. M and VI both disqualified themselves by wearing boots and flats in place of sneakers. Their looks were still cute, and they still count as participating, but couldn’t win the day because it didn’t follow the guidelines. Shoes are a fine detail that most people don’t notice, but the sneakers completed the look this week and toned it down. We were aiming for casual, every day looks.

We saw more participation during Pop Concert week, so we’ve got to step it up this next week. You only count for a point if a photo is taken.

Along with the monthly prize for the winner with the most points, the associate who participated the most at the end of the quarter will ALSO receive a prize.


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