Saturday’s Rap Concerts

5/5 participation

Saturday’s rap concert was KANYE WEST.

Today’s best Kanye concert look was VI!

c1C is wearing a black graphic hoodie with black faux leather pants, both from Garage, with white high top Converse.

k1K is wearing a black tee shirt with black ripped jeans and a green flannel at her waist, all from Garage, with white Vans authentics. Black choker from Garage.

vi1VI is wearing a black bralette underneath a a grey bodysuit and green joggers, all from Forever 21, with an oversized Levi’s denim jacket and cream colored Nikes.

l1L is wearing a flamingo emblem tee form Brandy Melville with black shiny leggings from Garage, a Max Azria / Miley Cyrus distressed denim button down at her waist, and pink LED sneakers.

m1M is wearing a Rad graphic sweatshirt with black shiny leggings from Garage and a Gap lightwash denim button down around her waist, and orange Nikes.


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