Top Pop Concert Outfits

Here is everyone’s best look this week. Everyone stuck within their own style and applied it very well toward what they would wear to the artists they chose. C has acquired the most points this week, again. The challenge going forward will be to beat her every day. She received an extra point on Saturday for getting a customer to try on the theme.

You were judged not only on how much I personally liked your outfit, but also how well it matched the artist you said you were going to see, as well as how much effort you put in, AND if you stepped up. I want to be as fair as possible, so if C stays on the level she’s on, you all have to rise up to meet it. Look at how she went about this week. Adjust where you need to for yourself and BRING IT next week.

If you are consistently competitive, you all have a fair chance at winning February. There are 4 more weeks that will be counted for points.


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