Pop Concert Summary

This week was about being night-out trendy. What you wear to a pop concert can be applied toward any night out with friends. Refer to this week when someone tells you they’re shopping for party clothes, or club clothes. You can make outfits in the store based on what everyone wore this week, and it is definitely good customer service to give tips on where to buy or how to wear accessories, like fat gold chains or fishnet socks.

The biggest challenge this week was not looking too flashy. We struggled a little bit here. The brand we represent is casual basics with the occasional dressy detail, and they want to go even MORE basic in the upcoming seasons. It’s ok that we want to dress more adult and show more skin and wear all black, but if the outfit we’re wearing can’t be recreated in the store, then it’s kind of useless. If a 16 year old girl won’t be allowed to wear it past the threshold of her bedroom door, we can’t sell it to them. We get a lot of older customers who WANT the looks we gave them this week, but our brand doesn’t currently carry those trends, nor does it want to. You did a good job dressing “better than the customer,” but now we want the customer to want our closet, not our lifestyle.


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