Week Four: Pop Concert



Starting this week, I’m adding another element to the challenge. So let’s recap what we’re doing.

Our main goal is to sell what we’re wearing.

We’re doing this by wearing the theme every day in a competitive manner. Our daily goal within the team is to be the winner. We become the winner, normally, by wearing an outfit that is better than everyone else’s.

From now on, I want you to mention to customers what the trend of the week is. You can sell your outfit by making it seem like we’re all fashion experts who can help them look better than their peers – which is a goal in life, don’t pretend it isn’t.

The way you go about it, instead of listing off promotions, is by telling the customers who are ‘just looking’, “Our trend of the week is ________. Let’s get some pieces selected for you so you can try it out.” And then literally walk them through the store, hand selecting items for an outfit. Let your other team members complete it for you. This is what the company wants us to be doing. Making outfits for them, working as a team to do so.

  • Do not inform them on promotions or deals unless they are looking at those items, or are at least standing near them. This should seem like off-hand information, like you’re telling them a confidential secret you don’t tell everyone.
  • Do not start a fitting room for anyone with less than 5 items in their hands – this is a real directive we were given.

We cannot be afraid, or shy. Be the aggressive salesperson you think the customers hate, and don’t get discouraged if they tell you no. More often than not, they will go along with it. They will end up liking something. They will buy it. And they will give a positive review. We are aiming for this. This should be your goal.

You will receive an additional point for every customer you get to try on the trend. When we are confident and sure of ourselves in this practice, points will be awarded for selling the trend.

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