Sweaters and Socks Summary

This week was much easier than the last 2 weeks, and also a more adult trend. The basic idea behind sweaters and visible socks is fashion forward, but not regular fashion. We took a step over into alternative fashion this week. High waters and socks is a hipster trend, most popular among men. It’s also a very visible trend in streetwear and the punk scene. You all did a very good job owning it, and making it girly.

Our biggest challenge was not making it a lazy look. Is it fashion forward in this moment to wear leggings with visible socks on top of them? The answer is no. It’s a sloppy look. Even if the socks are amazingly cute, it doesn’t work. We needed to move away from it, so leggings were banned this week. Going forward, I want us all to rethink any and all outfits involving basic leggings. The question I want you to ask yourself is “If I saw another girl wearing this outfit, would I look at her with jealousy?” If the answer is no, don’t wear it. Push yourself to create looks that inspire other people. A survey question asks specifically if the customer was inspired by what we were wearing. We consistently get 0%. We have the power to raise that.

Do not wear what the customer is wearing. Wear what you want them to wear.


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