Monday’s Sweaters and Socks

4/4 participation.

The goal of this is to show how to wear a trend. We want to be showing different ways to wear it, and this week we’ve all been showing VERY identical looks. The idea is to step out of your comfort zone, and to step UP your fashion game, but we’re letting this weeks theme let us be lazy. You should come to work dressing better than the customer, it makes them more willing to listen to your recommendations if you look like you know what you’re doing. For this reason, leggings will no longer count for a point this week. K’s look today is acceptable because although there are leggings, it’s different. Look at how everyone else has dressed the past 3 days. Wear the theme in a way that they haven’t.

Today’s points for rocking the look are awarded to C, VA, K, and J.

fullsizerender-4C is wearing a boatneck sweater, distressed ankle jeans, and floral socks, all from Garage, with white leather Converse.

fullsizerender-5VA is wearing a white speckled boatneck sweater, with black leggings, and pink / white socks, all from Garage, with black Converse.

fullsizerender-3K is wearing a teal speckle crewneck sweater, with black shiny leggings, both from Garage, grey socks, and black Timberland boots. Black choker from Garage.

fullsizerender-6J is wearing a white speckle boatneck sweater with black leggings and Not Your Boo socks, all from Garage, with black Toms, and a statement necklace.


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