Tees Under Tanks Summary

This week was a challenge. Points were awarded for creativity, and the winner each day was the one with an outfit that looked different from everyone else. It’s difficult to get creative if you only have short sleeve tee shirts, bodycon camis, or basic black dresses.

Not every body type can pull off the tees under tanks look, but there are still people who want to try it out.  It’s also tough to create the look without it looking childish. This look favors the slim figured with smaller chests. A tee shirt underneath a dress is perfect for a teenager, but a flowy cami on top of a long sleeve can make it older. It’s important to know how to style this.

This is a major trend that’s touched stylists, and then models, and is now being bounced onto teenage girls. Not every girl will be into this, even though it’s lazy fashion, and that’s ok. You don’t even have to convince them to like it. What IS required of you, though, is to be able to create the look for them that they want. Even if it’s tees under tanks.

Refer to the ‘tees under tanks’ tag if you need inspiration, and to see how creative and fashionable you can be if you just put in the effort.

C  is in first place with 3 points, and T is close behind with 2.


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