Neutral’s Summary

This week we learned that neutrals are hard when the only color you own is black. I allowed whites into the equation and made it easier for some, but harder still for others.

Neutrals in fashion are a trend with a capital T. They are not the new black, but in time they could be. They obviously aren’t a look everybody is into, because they come hand in hand with a very specific aesthetic. Black is slimming whereas neutrals are lighter colors, and lighter colors don’t cast shadows on “flaws”.

Fashion neutrals are nudes, pinks, greys. Working in fashion requires this knowledge, even at store level. Knowing how to pair them and wear them is also required. What if someone asks you to show them the neutral selection? Or asks your opinion on how to style? That’s your job, right there. To know.

Refer to the ‘neutral’ tag to refresh your fashion encyclopedia, or check out Alicia Roddy’s instagram @lissyroddyy, to see how a blogger, ahead of us all in the fashion game, styles her own neutrals.

Neutrals winners are M & VI.


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